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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Murray’s Fast and Reliable Residential Dumpster Rental Pros

When it’s time to rent a dumpster you need a reliable and fast partner for delivery.

Bin There Dump That can deliver when and where you need with minimal notice. You can worry less about how to handle the construction debris and concentrate your valuable time on planning your project.

We take care of the trash for you with a dumpster delivered right to your door.

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Walk-in Double Doors Make Waste Removal Tasks Easier

We make waste removal simple with easy to load dumpsters.

Here’s why that matters.

You’ll never have to strain to get a heavy bag of trash or big piece of furniture over the sidewalls of a bin again.

Every time you rent a dumpster from us you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your rental bin will be equipped with a set of double doors.

It’s much easier to load trash when you can walk all of the material inside.

You can even pick the best spot for each item to get the most out of your load. At the end of the day you’ll be able to pack more in and you won’t have to risk an injury to get the job done.

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Our Dumpster Consultants are waiting to help you find an affordable solution to your waste disposal needs; we can't wait to help you with your project!

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We Deliver Dumpsters Faster

Don’t want to wait?

When we make a commitment to deliver your rental dumpster on a set date, you can be confident we’ll make it on time.

We know you have a schedule to meet and we take living up to our end of the bargain seriously. We can even deliver your bin within 24 hours of you making a request if that’s what you need.

The reason we can make it work is because we keep close track of our dumpsters to make sure we have enough to meet demand.

We’re always making adjustments when needed to keep on top of our customers' needs.

You Can Rely On Our All-in Quote

Sometimes a business quote is nothing more than a rough guess and it’s definitely not something you could base a budget on.

We think you deserve better.

When you hire Bin There Dump That to deliver a rental container to your home. We ask a ton of questions first so we can understand your needs and the nature of your project. Only then will we provide you with an all-in quote.

That quote will include the following:

  • Delivery when promised
  • A Driveway Protection System you can rely on
  • 7 days to fill your bin
  • We’ll eve sweep up before we pull away

FAQ on Dumpster Rentals in Murray, UT

Your old mattress does need to be separated for disposal, but we can take it in your rented dumpster. Our only request is that you load it last so it's on top and easily accessible.
Dumpster rentals are affordable in Murray. Even for a large dumpster you won’t normally pay more than $600 for a full one week rental period.
You pick where your dumpster goes. If you want it near a garage wall that’s fine as long as it’s safe. If you want to use the doors we will need to leave a few feet of space though.
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Murray Local Guide

Murray is an All-American city that happens to be set in beautiful surroundings. From its classic downtown to its beautiful parks, it’s a great place to call home. There’s still that small town feel, but all of the best of modern life are easily available as well. These are some of the highlights of Murray in our opinion.

Murray Park

All parks are not created equal. Some are just better and Murray Park falls into that category. There’s a great playground and a nice pavilion, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It also has a creek running through it, an outdoor fitness center, a world class aquatic center and a nice paved walking path.

Nickel Mania

There was a time in the not too distant past when arcades were everywhere. They might not be as common these days, but there are still some great ones and Nickel Mania falls into that category. They have tons of video games and some amazing pinball machines as well.

Wheeler Historic Farm

The Wheeler Historic Farm is a living piece of Utah’s past and one of the few remaining 19th century farms in the area still in operation. It’s a great place for a wedding reception and the market on Sunday is definitely worth visiting.

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Looking for a FREE Quote?

Our Dumpster Consultants are waiting to help you find an affordable solution to your waste disposal needs; we can't wait to help you with your project!


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